Mock Interview Workshop

Sharpen Your Interviewing Skills: Dutchess One Stop has contracted with HR Solutions to work with customers who are seeking employment and want to:

1. Practice for a specific interview
2. Strengthen their interview skills
3. Find out what their interviewing weaknesses are

Technology may have changed the way job seekers find positions and the way employers pre-screen candidates but it has not changed the importance of the face-to-face interview. This one-on-one or small group practice will allow participants to rehearse success stories as well as answers to the most common questions like “Tell me about yourself,” or “Tell me why you want to work here?”

During the workshop HR Solutions and job seekers will review interviewing tips and techniques and conduct a mock interview that will be recorded. The interview will then be viewed together and each job seeker will receive feedback that will allow them to further develop strong interviewing skills.

This workshop is for you if you have a scheduled interview to prepare for, have been on several interviews that have not resulted in a job offer or you would like to improve your verbal and nob-verbal communication and personal story telling technique.

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